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One conviction of drinking and driving is enough to harm your reputation and limit your freedoms. With consecutive offenses or aggravated charges, increased terms of punishment will continue to affect your life. For help avoiding these penalties, contact our criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Harmony M. Schuerman. With a number of years of experience in various DWI cases, our attorney can take your case on and help you reach a favorable conclusion in your case.


Penalties for a single DWI can be as steep as $2,000+ in fines, 2 years of license suspension, 180 days of jail time, and other consequences designed to discourage further drinking and driving. While these may seem intimidating, you can avoid facing these punishments after being arrested for DWI; in fact, with proper defense, you can see even the toughest charges reduced or dismissed.

We defend our clients against numerous types of evidence used in DWI cases:

  • Breathalyzer test results: Just because breathalyzer tests are widely used to justify DWI charges does not mean they are always right. This type of data is often dismissed on account of equipment malfunctions, individual fitness/physique, or alcohol held in the defendant’s mouth during a test.
  • Other chemical test results: Other tests used to determine BAC (blood alcohol content) also have frequent flaws. For example, we can fight evidence gained in a blood test by proving that the sample was collected or stored improperly. Removing chemical evidence can greatly bolster your case.
  • Evidence gained in an unlawful stop: If a law officer pulled you over without reasonable cause, they cannot hold a DWI charge against you. Our legal team can review your case to see if the officials involved followed proper protocol throughout the process.
  • BAC levels: Because blood alcohol levels are the standard by which drinking and driving charges are enforced, it is important to make sure that such data was correct for your case. In many DWI cases, people have less than the legal limit at the time they are arrested, and can see evidence dismissed on account of this fact.


Our attorney can use the strategies listed above to help you develop a strong defense in court as well as a DMV hearing. If you are facing charges of driving under the influence, our firm, the Law Office of Harmony M. Schuerman, can provide seasoned defense suited to your needs. Fill out a case evaluation form or call our office to speak with a Parker County criminal defense lawyer about your charges, today!